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Saturday,  June 15,  2019   10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Matrix Dog – Training Center
9975 Wadsworth Parkway M4
Westminster, CO 80021

Cost: $15 per Dog

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Deadline to register is 6/10/19

This event will be an opportunity to experience the sport with your dog in an actual Barn Hunt setting.  NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY – JUST FOR FUN!  Fun for puppies, adult dogs, senior dogs and even handicapped dogs. 

First the dogs are introduced to the rats…. Pet rats in cages – dogs get to sniff and see what the game is about!

Next, is the Instinct Test.  Your dog has the actual experience of a hunt.  

The instinct test is one minute to find the rat.  Most dogs enjoy this game, occasionally they are not really interested.  That’s why the “instinct” test.

Bring your Dog, Crate, Water, Chairs, 6 ft lead, and a Collar that is easily removed


A sport with a historical purpose

Many dog breeds were originally created specifically to be vermin hunters. Of those, several breeds of dogs were bred to go to ground (go underground) and eliminate or pull prey from their dens.  Because they had to go down underground in animal burrows, those dogs were necessarily small.

At the same time, other breeds and mixes of dogs were being used extensively above ground to eradicate vermin. Wild rats did, and do, spread disease (including plague and leptospirosis) and cause damage to homes, farm buildings grain and crops. Above ground ratting dogs could be almost any size but most were medium to small and very quick. Itinerant rat catchers would go from town to town (and farm to farm) with packs of dogs and sell their skills in ridding the area of rats. Dogs also were used in the trenches in WWI to help control trench rats who were a real danger to troops. Today, dogs still help farmers rid their crop stores and barns of rats. There’s even a group of dedicated volunteers who patrol the alleys of New York City. Using dogs to deal with rat infestations is quick, humane, and avoids putting toxins and poisons into the environment.

Responsible breeders always want to make sure any dogs they plan to breed have the correct working temperament for that breed. Until Barn Hunt, there was no easy way for breeders to test the working instinct of their dogs. Now they can use Barn Hunt to gain valuable information about their dogs working drive.

Barn Hunt Today

Today Barn Hunt is the fastest growing dog sport in the U.S. The popularity of the sport has exploded because the dogs and the people have so much fun. Everyone is welcome, from seasoned dog sport competitors to people who have never even been to a dog show.

Wheaten Health Month – June:

Pine Grove Animal Hospital has hosted our annual Wheaten Health Month event for over 10 years.  (Please note you can participate whether or not you are their client, as they will send all results to your vet). 

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