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via American Kennel Club, Government Relations Department

October 28, 2020

Please forward to dog owners in the City of Denver, Colorado:

The City of Denver is letting the voters decide the fate of the long-standing dog breed ban. 

If approved by city voters, Ballot Proposal 2J would replace the current ban on “pit bulls” with a new law that would allow residents to keep these dogs, with certain regulations. 

As outlined in a previous AKC alert, the new regulations would include a permit that allows up to two “pit bulls” per household and home inspections.  The permit could be removed after 36 months with no incidents. 

The AKC does not support breed-specific laws.  Instead, we support measures that hold all dog owners accountable, regardless of breed.  General dangerous dog and animal control laws are better at protecting community safety, a better use of city resources, and more effective at protecting the rights of responsible dog owners. 

AKC appreciates that Ballot Proposal 2J would repeal the 30-year breed ban and hopes that someday the city will be willing to completely remove all breed-specific regulations from city laws.

Read AKC’s blog for more information on the ballot measure, AKC’s position on breed-specific legislation, and background on the city’s breed-specific law. 

AKC Government Relations continues to monitor this proposal and will provide updates as they are available.  For questions or more information, contact doglaw@akc.org.


HB20-1084: Requirements For Dog And Cat Breeders And Sellers | CCW



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