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Dear Wheaten Club Members,

We are planning another Wheaten Agility Fun Day and Fall Picnic on Saturday, September 30th at 10:30am.  

The event will be held at the home of Beth Sorenson and Russ Howard at 8490 Rowe Place, Longmont, Colorado.  Agility equipment will be set up in their field and several experienced agility members will be there to give you a hand.  No agility experience required!  Our Wheatens (both young and old) love this event…

We’ll be outside, so dress accordingly (wear comfortable shoes…)

Lunch and beverages will be provided by the Wheaten Club.

Please bring a chair along with food treats and/or toys for your dog.

(Note: the food treats or toys should be what your dog loves to work for as a payoff for training and working with you.  If your dog has a favorite toy to chase or tug, that may be a good option.  Food options should be special treats that can be doled out in small bits; soft food that can be swallowed quickly without much chewing generally works best). 

Except when dogs are working, they must be on a leash and by your side or otherwise confined.  Some dogs may work better with a leash on, so please bring a standard 6-foot leash (and not an extender leash) for that purpose.  There is plenty of room for crates and x-pens if you would like to use them.

If you plan on attending, please RSVP to Lauren Utigard ( by September 15th and let me know how many adults, children and dogs will be in your party.

It’s a fun, casual event with plenty of time to play with your dogs, meet and visit with fellow Wheaten owners and enjoy what should be a beautiful day in Colorado. 

We hope you can come!


Items to bring:

     Your dog!

     Crate or x-pen

     Water Bowl



Email with questions:

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