Join us for a fun-filled dog show weekend, beginning with two specialties in one day, hosted by the Greater Denver Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club, Inc.

2022 Specialty Mailer

Specialty Mailer back


Prizes for 2022 Greater Specialties:

Specialty 1 – Judge:  Mrs. Louise Leone

BOB:  Robyi 12″ portable fan with battery and charger

BOS: Crate mat with cover

AOM (3): Cooling neck bandana  

WD: Small 8” Crate fan – DRCHOP portable fan

WB: Small 8” Crate fan – DRCHOP portable fan  

RWD: Cooling neck bandana 

RWB: Cooling neck bandana                                                       


Specialty 2 – Judge: Mrs. Connie Clark

BOB: Large Wheaten door decoration

BOS: Medium Wheaten door decoration

BW: Medium Wheaten door decoration

AOM (3): Small Wheaten door decoration

WD: Wheaten door hanger

WB: Wheaten door hanger

RWD: Small Wheaten door decoration

RWB: Small Wheaten door hanger

Puppy Sweeps: Judge:  Mrs. Sue Little

BISSWP:  Raised dog bowl 

BOSWP: Raised dog bowl 

A toy for each entrant

Veterans Sweeps – Judge: Mrs. Sue Little

BV:  Wheaten votive candle holder

BOSV: Wheaten votive candle holder