Legislation Issues

Castle Rock Proposing New Animal Ordinance

posted 2/19/2018

Proposal: replacing Pit Bull ban with two-tired, behavior-based provision
Town staff conducted extensive research throughout the review process and found most Colorado communities do not have breed-specific bans. Research shows breed-specific bans present a number of challenges and are difficult to enforce. That’s why the team is making the recommendation to replace the breed-specific ban with to a two-tiered behavior-based potentially dangerous and dangerous animal system. The proposed system would allow authorities to focus on the particular behavior of a dog and not its appearance or genetic make-up.

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A Valentine’s Day Thank You!

posted 2/19/2018

At a time in history when the nightly news and online sources expose one example after another of hypocrisy, wolves in sheep’s clothing, and corrupt animal welfare organizations, we thank you for your steadfast support of NAIA. We are proud that you recognize our dedication to animals and to you, the people who care for them.

We are an organization of individuals from diverse backgrounds and regions of our nation. Some are pet owners. Others are dog, cat, bird, or horse breeders, working to preserve their breeds. Still others may be animal professionals or sportsmen. What unites us is our common love of animals, the value we place on the human-animal bond, and the importance of animals in our lives. We are committed to protecting our domestic animals and assuring that they will be here for future generations.

As animal welfare advocates, we have big hearts, but we don’t lead or make decisions by our hearts alone. We are not swayed by propaganda and images used by extremist groups to tug at our heartstrings.

NAIA is a trusted educational resource for the public. We gather research and share facts and expertise, giving people the ability to make up their own minds about issues and policies affecting animals. Our goal is to help, not to impose dogma. I am so proud to be a leader in an organization that is based on integrity, shares knowledge, respects differences, and leads with head and heart.

We are heartened that with the many choices of animal welfare organizations available to you, you choose NAIA.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Patti Strand,

National Animal Interest Alliance-National Director